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2019 Richmond Home and Garden Show

So excited to be featured in the March issue of Richmond Magazine. It was a pleasure and honor to be asked to design the stage for the Richmond Home and Garden show. Thanks to everyone for stopping by.

Richard Ginori 1735

As I was saying, I was just in Milano checking out some of my favorite places. I walked by the Duomo, passed by La Scala and headed for Brera. This was the same thing I had done when I had arrived in Milan for the very first time. That was many moons ago and another […]

Panca’s Designer

Christmas Shopping?  I found a lot of terrific prices in Milan the other week!! I was flying out from Milan after being in Tuscany. Shoes and boots were what I was noticing the most.  I was really surprised to see lower prices for the high quality. I was staying with friends, checking out the changes to the […]

MEF Ettore Fico Museum

Keeping in theme with Torino (Turin), this exert introduces il MUSEO ETTORE FICO. The Muso was created by a couple of friends of mine. I am extremely proud of their commitment to the arts that they have demonstrated over the years. I first met them when they owned a little jewel of a gallery called […]


For the latest trends in fashion, check out CON SENSO in via Nota 1, Torino, Italia. This stylish boutique is definitely THE TO GO Store for clothing that never goes out of style. Always a bit ahead of the other stores I see in my travels, every piece I have bought from CON SENSO over […]

Cryptocurrency: Payment Accepted

Bitcoin, Litecoin, AllSafe, AMIS to name are few are the new alternative currencies, also known as Altcoins. There are almost 900 Cryptocurrencies at this time. What are they exactly? A cryptocurrency is a digital asset that works as a medium of exchange using encryption techniques to secure the transactions and to control the creation of […]

Red Wine – Soak It Up

Vinotherapy is a beauty therapy process. It started with a French husband and wife team in the 90’s. The residue from wine making is used to rub into the skin. The pulp is supposed to have amazing exfoliating qualities. If that weren’t enough, it’s also said to have an anti-aging effect due to the powerful […]