Through participation in Jeanine Michele Enterprises’ Sister Program Jemellaggio, we stabilize the bond between businesses and cultural organizations that wish to be present in the international markets.  We seek to promote Italian products and services, in particular in the United States, by bringing the Italian experience into the American market.

We collaborate with existing Italian businesses/artisans in organizing and implementing commercial activity for Italian goods, i.e. “Tante Belle Cose – the Italian Collection”.  Getting goods in and out logistically, clearing customs, assistance in understanding the opportune venues, legal and accounting support in forming companies, their organizational structure, handling the advertising and visual merchandising – including brand management. We can help you strategize in putting together your business plan. 

JeM can execute designs for commercial and residential spaces, working with Italian architects.

Our company offers assistance in destination projects in Italy, Panama and the USA. From helping to plan the event through to the realization. This is possible by way of professional networking and outsourcing.

With the foresight of more and more Italian products being sold on the U.S. and international markets, Jeanine Michele Enterprises LLC is setting the stage for the upcoming boom in economic trade.

We bridge the gap between the consumer and producer of goods, further solidifying relations between the U.S. and Italy. We offer a series of experiences that go beyond the current status quo. An environment where one feels as though they are in Italy, bringing Italian culture and customs to you directly.

In collaboration with Dottor Alessandro Merenda, our Jemellaggio Program offers complete assistance with matters relevant to investing, setting up and running a business in Italy.

Dottor Merenda has a degree in economics from the University of Pisa and is a licensed accountant. 

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