American Ingenuity. Italian Design.

International Consulting Services

Jeanine Michele Enterprises LLC is about defining space – without limits. We primarily focus on visual and creative solutions for our clientele. Whether it’s designing physical spaces, brand management, advertising or promotion, we’ve got you covered.

JeM concentrates on the design and execution, working closely with architects, engineers and builders to ensure exquisite and unique “opera d’arte.”

Design Consultation is done in house, while outsourcing the legal and logistical aspects of a project to strategic alliances.

Jemellaggio is our Sister Program with Italy. Skaquei is for the fine arts. For intriguing events, stay tuned to #JeMHappenings. Bringing you the finest Italian products is the Tante Belle Cose Boutique.

Smeraldo Coast is our newest creation.

Consulting Services

Idea Generator, Design Consultant,
Project Management,
Curator & Spatial Planner,
Color Consultant, and more


Pairing Italian businesses and
cultural organizations with
like-minded businesses in

Smeraldo Coast

Inspired by the spectacular views of the Mediterranean, Thermae Smeraldo Coast is our latest project initiative. A little under wraps. Stay tuned to watch as it develops. 

Work Experience

Something is always going on @JeM. Check back often to see our latest projects.