Smeraldo Coast

A Lifestyle Experience.

Thermae Smeraldo Coast is a project initiative that involves an experience in H2O unlike anything currently in the U.S. We are collaborating with Italian architects and American pool builders to bring luxury pools and European style spas to the United States. 

While working at an Italian Pool Builder in Toscana, one of the owners told me to design a wellness center. That is where Thermae Smeraldo Coast was born. 

I have since worked on building my portfolio for design, both interior and exterior. 

There is often a reference to the mediterranean in my works. My visual vocabulary is enhanced by life experiences. Living in Italy for 25 years has allowed me to create quite a distinct  and enhancing pool of inspirational ideas for design.

Stay tuned as we reveal and showcase exciting creations.

We also offer investment opportunities to acquire and renovate properties in Italy and France.