MEF Ettore Fico Museum

Keeping in theme with Torino (Turin), this exert introduces il MUSEO ETTORE FICO.

The Muso was created by a couple of friends of mine. I am extremely proud of their commitment to the arts that they have demonstrated over the years.

I first met them when they owned a little jewel of a gallery called THE BOX. There I met the most interesting people in the art world!! Betrand Lavier, Persano, Mona Hautoumn, Stephan Magnon were a few.

The MUSEO ETTORE FICO exemplifies the culmination of their combined talents as well as their indelible imprint on Contemporary Art.

If you find yourself in Turin, or if you go there specifically, put MUSEO ETTORE FICO on your list of must see!!

Al presto, JeM